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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Photography on iPhone for dummies (V): RAW

Welcome as every week to our iPhone photography section, a space where we will try to bring to the profane some of the basic concepts of the art of photographing with a mobile device .

Today we want to talk about this type of format, the RAW, many of you may have heard but do not know what it is. This RAW format is preferred by professionals in photography , as it allows you to touch all the parameters of the same to edit it to our liking. But although we are not more than mere fans, it does not hurt for us to know what it is about .

What is the RAW format?

It is the one that takes the camera of photos of directly by the lens, so simple. For us to understand, is a photographic file without processing, "raw . " In fact RAW in English means that, raw. A standard user usually knows the formats in which the iPhone, the JPG or HEIC shoots, which is an improved JPG, is of higher quality and takes up less space.

Shooting in the RAW format is to have the photograph as it is taken from the camera , but with the aim of submitting it later to an editing process. The JPG files are already edited by the camera itself , that is, capture and editing have taken place in it. That does not mean that we later edit it later and we can add filters or alter the colors.

What advantages and disadvantages does RAW have?

The advantages are already discussed, once we pass the photograph to the computer as long as it is in this format, with a good editing program we can vary it to our liking in a maximum way , varying the parameters that most interest us. Only then will we get a personalization of the photograph to our complete liking.

Edit in this format is not entirely simple, since you run the risk of touching where you should not and upload the original file , so it is interesting to practice with photographs captured in this format that we do not mind losing or that are for testing .

Another disadvantage of working with this type of files is the weight they have, normally we talk about 10 times more than a standard JPG , and this is due to the fact that no compression has been applied. As you can see are not easy to manage files , besides this is a type of format that can not be shared over the internet, that is, you work in RAW but if you want to upload that photo to a social network you should save it as JPG.

Shoot my iPhone in RAW?

Yes, but with the right application. The native camera of any iPhone does not allow shooting in this type of format , although in the App Store we find many applications that do . The most outstanding are Procam and Camera +, of which we have spoken in previous editions of this section. All are paid, but are applications that are not too expensive and has a lot of difference in their favor with respect to the native application.

Will it compensate me for doing it?

It all depends on how far you want to go. The JPG format is easy to use, it weighs little and although it is already edited by the camera itself, you can always add something else with any photo editing program. The RAW format allows for almost infinite editing possibilities , but it is not easy to handle and it weighs a lot. You will also need a photo editing program like Lightroom, with which you can do it from the iPhone or iPad. You can also find programs of this type in desktop version.

Adobe Lightroom CC for iPad
Photo & Video

You will not lose anything because you practice in photography in this type of format, because as we said, you can do real crazy things and your imagination will be the one that will set the limit. Seeing how a particular parameter changes you will be able to learn more and more . My advice is to do it, even if for the moment it is to experience new things . You have nothing to lose and a lot to learn.

For the rest, we say goodbye until next week, when we will come with another iPhone photography tutorial and with which we intend to approach this wonderful world to your eyes and your fingers. We will look here! 

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