Red alert: the iPhone 8 (RED) could be launched next month -


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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Red alert: the iPhone 8 (RED) could be launched next month

This week has been quite moving for Apple, which have brought to the market one of its most important news of the year. The renewal of the iPad that many were waiting for finally has arrived, and brings with it the Apple Pencil support that was so much rumored. However, there are also many users who feel a little disappointed with the content of the presentation on Tuesday. Although it was previously said that it would be dedicated to education.

The question is, that the community expected a lot more of this event , at least in terms of hardware. But there has not been a single announcement regarding the rest of the lines of Apple, only the iPad has been talked about , and the impact that this will have on the classrooms along with the rest of the utilities offered by the company. Which is the most normal, considering that the theme of the presentation was that. In any case, there could be something more.

The Cupertino would have been reserving some surprises for later, in a more appropriate environment than a Chicago institute. In fact, it is possible that some of them do not even make us wait for a dedicated event, as is the case of the one that concerns us today, the (RED) version of the iPhone . That's right, the most solidary and brilliant version of the iPhone would take the new generation in April to flood us with emotion and passion.

And it is not for less, since each unit sold will contribute, as usual, to the initiative (RED) against AIDS, a disease that we should never underestimate, and for which every minute of research counts. So, if you are thinking of buying a new iPhone, maybe you want to wait a little longer to get this version. Not only will you achieve a device with a really special color, you will also be part of an incredibly important movement .

And you, have you already contributed to the initiative (RED)?

Source | Twitter @ VenyaGeskin1 

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