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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Security firm Cellebrite explains how any iPhone can be hacked

We recently discovered that a security company claimed that it was capable of hacking any iPhone . That company is none other than Cellebrite, and it is rumored that it was responsible for decrypting San Bernardino's iPhone.

After the case of San Bernardino there was a great controversy about Apple and the FBI , the company of the bitten apple refused to put at risk the privacy of its users but the FBI finally hired a third party company to hack the device.

The FBI gained access to the terminal, but they never published which company had been responsible for doing so . However, all the rumors suggest that it was the Israeli firm Cellebrite ...

The Apple iPhone also has its security flaws

Forbes have interviewed Jeremy Nazarian , one of the top positions (head of marketing) of Cellebrite, and has spoken about some very curious data about the security of the iPhone.

    "We feel obliged to help the public security forces to ensure that these capabilities are preserved as much as possible."

The interview discussed why Cellebrite should never share its software to bypass the security of the iPhone's operating system.

    "There is a public safety imperative. These capabilities are related to homicides, crimes against children, drug gangs and the main threats to public safety in any community. "

On the other hand, Nazarian also wanted to add that they will keep the failures of the iPhone in secret to preserve public safety.

    "Requires physical access. It's not like someone is listening to your iPhone or my iPhone. It must be obtained as evidence, as part of an investigation or a case. There is nothing inherent in technology that means that it is open to misuse. "

Until now we had always thought that Apple's iPhone was impossible to hack , a device whose security systems were impenetrable ... But nothing further from reality, hackers can always take advantage of any minimum vulnerability to access a terminal.

Via | BGR 

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