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Saturday, 17 March 2018

So easy and fast you can touch up your photos on WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp is not stopping. And even if you keep using your favorite app to send messages, audios and photos to your friends, the reality is that you can do much more than you think .

WhatsApp is one of the most updated applications of the App Store , both for the high number of active users it has and for its owner, because we must recognize that Mark Zuckerberg likes to innovate.

Today we want to show you one of the latest news integrated in WhatsApp and how useful it is: the possibility of retouching photos within the application so that editing our snapshots before sending them is the fastest and easiest in the world.

How to edit photos in WhatsApp

No, WhatsApp is not a photography app, but with its new features we can retouch photos in a very intuitive, simple and interesting way . Let's get in situation. Imagine that you are in a chat - either individual or group - and that you want to send a photo. How do you do it? Just touch the "+" icon and click on "Photos and videos", or on "Camera" and take the picture at the moment.

When you enter the reel and select one - you know you can select several, but to touch up you have to mark only one -, you will see in the upper right corner a series of icons .

    Orientation : You can orient the photo, cut it, rotate it or adapt it to another format.

    Emoji : Obviously add emojis to the photo.

    Text : We can add a message written with the color we want. Once written, move it to the area of ​​the photo you want.

    Draw : The pencil icon allows us to make free-hand strokes with any color that appears on the scale.

In addition, when we have retouched the image we can also undo to return to the original state, or proceed to send it. It's as simple as putting emojis, making little pictures or, in short, that our photos are much better and more fun . 

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