Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tamagotchi comes to iPhone, you can download it now!

A few months ago, we learned of the existence of a new development by Bandai Namco for mobile phones. In this case, for one of its main franchises, which has recently had its twentieth anniversary. We talk about the favorite pet of children and adults around the world, the Tamagotchi, that group of small creatures that will now live in our mobile devices with the latest release of Bandai, My Tamagotchi Forever.

With My Tamagotchi Forever, we will once again be in charge of these digital pets, which go from the black and white of classic toys to high-quality 3D models , together with completely new scenarios. One of the great novelties, is TamaTown, a city that we can enjoy together with our little creatures with different games. In addition, we can also access some games, with similar mechanics to other mobile hits.

Of course, following the tradition, we will have to be aware of our little one from the moment it comes out of the egg . We will have to help them to do their needs, shower them, feed them, take them to bed, and give them a lot of love during the process. Needless to say, if we neglect our Tamagotchi, we will probably end up attending a funeral, although in our case, we have not yet had to check it.

My Tamagotchi Forever follows the most popular payment strategy of these platforms, the free-to-play, in this way, we can progress and unlock various articles over time to level up. But we can also use micro-payments to improve the quality of life of our Tamagotchi, and save time when it comes to meeting their needs. Although it will not be really necessary if it manages to hook us from today, day in which the game is officially launched.
My Tamagotchi Forever
My Tamagotchi Forever

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