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Sunday, 25 March 2018

The 10 best keyboard tricks for iPhone and iPad

Much of the time we spend with our devices is typing. Whether it is to write a message, list the purchase or notes, the speed at which the fingers move across the screen is always an important factor .

But it is not only about speed, also to get internalize certain shortcuts or tricks to make us have a higher level, come on, that our productivity is triggered if we work or that we lose less time doing certain things.

Do you want to apply 10 simple tricks to handle the keyboard at full speed? Keep reading to learn them all.

10 tricks to be a ninja with the keyboard

Say it

Undoubtedly the one that I use the most. The ability of your iPhone or iPad to recognize your voice is incredible, it has a very low error rate . It is a system that I use a lot if I have a busy hand. To do so, just click on the micro icon that you will find on the left side of the keyboard. Tell him the text with semicolons, and if there is a correction to be made, you do it by hand.

Upper case lock

If you want to put a long text in uppercase, press arrow twice and you're done . To deactivate it, turn it twice.

Look Mom! With one hand!

With iOS 11 you can enable a special keyboard for a hand, where everything is easier to reach , you can orient it to the right or left as you type. Press and hold the balloon or smile icon and from the bottom row, select the icon to put the keyboard to the left or right edge. Or activate it in Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboard for a hand .


The famous "shake to undo". If you have written something wrong, give a wiggle to your iPhone and everything will be as before. It is the equivalent of the "back" key

Take advantage of the 3D Touch

If you have an iPhone 6s or higher, try pressing firmly in the place where you want to carry the cursor. Or you can even select text fragments easily . I use it a lot for its extreme utility.

Text replacement

It is a way to save time, you just have to think about the commands you want. For example, you can tell the iPhone or iPad that each time you type "pq" in the text "because" appears, to configure it go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Text Replacement. With the + sign add the substitutions you prefer-

Those capitals!

Imagine that in the middle of a text you want to capitalize it. Instead of stopping and pressing the arrow key it is better to do the following. You press the arrow and you take it to that letter that you want to capitalize . And that's it. Easy and effective,
Predictive text, out!

If you do not like the options of autocompletado of iOS, it is better that you deactivate them. Follow the path Settings> General> Keyboard and Uncheck Predictive .

Third-party keyboards

You can always complete what you have with an additional keyboard. You can download whatever you like, then enable it by following the path Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add keyboard .

Discovering the numbers

If you press a number for a long time you will see that a new field opens in terms of punctuation marks , or did you not know how to put 1º, 2º or 3º?

We hope that these tricks, sure that you already use some , serve to make you faster at the time of writing. We will wait for you!

Via | iphonehacks 

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