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Monday, 5 March 2018

The 10 best tricks for Apple TV

The fourth generation Apple TV arrived in 2015 along with the integrated App Store and many other functions. It also included a new Siri Remote control, although in some regions the company of the bitten apple kept the name "Apple TV Remote" because the virtual assistant is not available in some territories.

This redesigned control had a touch surface to navigate the tvOS user interface , a menu button, volume buttons, a button for the built-in microphone and button to play and pause content.

After the launch of the Apple TV 4K , the company slightly tweaked the design of the Siri Remote with a white ring around the menu button , making it much easier to control the orientation of the remote. Otherwise everything still works as usual.

In this guide we will recommend a series of tricks and tips to make the most of all the functions of the Siri Remote control and the fourth and fifth generation Apple TV . Have you mastered your Apple TV perfectly? Keep reading, maybe you'll discover some new trick ...

1. Quickly switch between open apps

If you already have an iOS device to your credit, this functionality probably sounds to you. To quickly switch between your open Apple TV applications, press the start button twice . The App Switcher screen will appear, from here you can slide your finger on the touch panel of the Siri Remote control to switch to another open application.
2. How to restart the Apple TV

Are you having any kind of problem with your Apple TV? Does the system work slow? If so, you can restart your device from the Settings app, but there is a faster and more efficient method: hold the start button and the menu button simultaneously for six seconds.
3. Turn off the Apple TV

It is possible to turn off the Apple TV directly with the Siri Remote. Just hold the start button for a couple of seconds and select the option to turn off on your TV screen.
4. How to return to the tvOS home screen

Apple likes its users to associate the start button of the Siri Remote with the native TV application, but that quick access does not appeal to everyone. If you want to change this function so that it returns to normal, you can enter Settings> Controls and devices and change the start button so that it fulfills its original function.
5. Activate the screensaver

It is possible to activate the screensaver so that it appears after as many minutes as you want in Settings> General> Screensavers but there is an even faster method to activate it ... Simply press twice on the menu button of your Apple TV .
6. How to organize Apple TV applications

When you install a new application from the tvOS App Store, it usually appears at the bottom of the screen. But you can organize your apps as you wish, selecting layer app and keeping pressed the touch panel of the Siri Remote . When the apps start to vibrate on the screen you can rearrange them by sliding your finger.
7. View the configuration of a video

While playing a video on the Apple TV, you can access some of its configuration settings by simply sliding your finger down from the touch panel of the Siri Remote. From here you can add subtitles, change the language and much more.
8. Change between lowercase and uppercase

When you are typing on the tvOS keyboard with the Siri Remote control, this trick will be very useful: press the play button once and it will automatically change between uppercase and lowercase letters.
9. How to erase letters quickly

Have you been wrong while writing something? You do not have to go to the delete button on the right side of the screen, just hold down the touch panel until the delete button appears and slide your finger to the left. Additionally, some special characters will also appear.
10. Change the audio output to another device

It is possible to change the audio output to a device other than Apple TV. And you can do it directly from the home screen, by pressing and holding the play button and selecting the device.

Via | Macrumors 

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