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Saturday, 17 March 2018

The 12 most popular games compatible with iPhone X

The latest release of Apple with regard to mobile terminals was the iPhone X , a device that gave much to talk about but has managed to be profiled as the great device it is . That with permission of what has come to stores today, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

And as there is nothing better than enjoying good games on its 5.8-inch OLED screen, we have selected a dozen of them that are adapted to its magnificent panel and that enjoy great popularity. If you want to know what they are, do not stop reading this post.

Rule with an Iron Fish

A game that will not put you under any pressure, with 7 scenarios and 150 fish to capture. Will you demonstrate your skill with the rod?

Archery King

You must show how skillful you are with the bow and arrows. A very successful game and with which you experience fantastic sensations.

The Room: Old Sins

A great game that even though he has only been with us for two months has managed to attract a great legion of followers due to its great quality.

Angry Birds 2

If you found the first saga fun, wait to know this with new scenarios and challenges. Pigs and birds to one.

Good pizza, great pizza

Do you know that there is a pizzeria simulator? Yes, and you must demonstrate your skills behind the counter, keeping customers satisfied, only then your business can move forward.

Thumper: Pocket edition

Transforming into a futuristic beetle species can take you through some daunting challenges. Try it, it's a good game.

Ball King

Encestar is your passion, and not just with the ball. Anything that gets in your way can be thrown. 3 million players can not be wrong.

CSR Racing 2

The experience of being behind the wheel of the best cars will make you feel the adrenaline in each mission.


A peculiar postman who is subject to difficult deals in the kingdom of Kurestal. Can you help him achieve his goals?

Fling Fighters

You must go to the conquest of 5 islands, where you will find different characters and missions.


Puzzles and exceptional handmade drawings. An authentic past that will amaze you.

Sonic Runners Adventure

It arrived shortly before Christmas, typical and legendary platform game that promises hours of fun. And without added payments! 

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