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Monday, 26 March 2018

The 14 best tricks for WhatsApp (2018)

Do you know anyone who does not use WhatsApp? US Niether! The popular messaging app is installed on many of the world's smartphones. However, very few know how to squeeze it to the fullest.

Not that it is difficult, is that Zuckerberg is very given to add new functions that sometimes we simply do not know. Do we review the best of the best WhatsApp in full 2018?

Delete messages from WhatsApp

As better late than never, WhatsApp has implemented a few weeks ago the possibility of deleting sent messages. Although initially the limit was in 7 minutes, now we can delete messages much longer . Here we show you how to delete messages during the maximum time allowed by the app: 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

Disable reading confirmation

The damn double blue sneak check that warns that we have read a message can be easily disabled by following these steps . And sometimes we simply do not want to have to explain when we answer the messages, or if we decide not to do so.

Know someone's location

WhatsApp implements a powerful tool to control your contacts, as long as they allow it , of course. And you can know your real location for up to 8 hours. Of course, an ideal function for when we are in unknown cities, in multitudinous events ... This tutorial shows you how to share your location in real time with WhatsApp for iPhone .

Retouch photos without leaving WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp is a messaging app, with each update it allows us to do more things. One of the last and probably the most useful is the possibility of retouching photos before sending them : align them, add texts, emojis, drawings ... easily and quickly .

Send GIFs

It is very hidden, but you can also send animations GIFs in WhatsApp, although the truth be told: this is one of the aspects in which the Mark Zuckerberg app should improve to catch up with Telegram , which has a simpler interface For this task. That you do not know how to do it? Read this tutorial .

Give touches to your friends

Dozens of groups and individual chats can cause people to end up with a certain aversion to WhatsApp, silencing certain conversations. Do you want someone to find out about something in particular? Give it a touch! It is very easy and you will read it yes or yes.

Send messages in bold, italic ...

After years and years with a single font and without any type of effect, for some time it is possible to send text messages in bold, italic and crossed out. Did you know? You just have to follow these simple steps .

WhatsApp backups

Are you going to change the phone? Are you going to uninstall the app? Have you hijacked your WhatsApp account? If you do not want to lose your conversations, audios, videos and photos, the best thing you can do is make a periodic backup to the application.

How to know if someone has read us on WhatsApp

Nowadays everybody knows that disabling the last hour of connection is the best thing to get rid of gossip questions and explanations. But if you want to know if a person has read your messages, there is a trick that does not fail: the WhatsApp audios .

Use WhatsApp on iPad or on a computer

As WhatsApp is linked to a phone number, it is not possible to use it on devices that do not allow the integration of a SIM ... or yes, because with WhatsApp Web you can use your WhatsApp both on a tablet and on your computer . Discover how to use it in this tutorial .

Discover who is your best friend of WhatsApp

We spend hours and hours talking on WhatsApp, but we do not talk the same with some as with others. Do you know who is the person with the most things you share in your favorite messaging app? Confirm it here .

Search for audios, photos, specific messages

If you are one of those who never close chats, you will discover that you have authentic testaments on your iPhone . That's great to be able to move up ... but it can make us eternal. What if you use this trick to find them in the blink of an eye ?

How to talk to someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp

Why does not the double check received appear? Why can not I see the picture? Very easy: because they have blocked you . We will not go into the reasons for it, although it is important that you respect the will of others. Still, there is a way to talk on WhatsApp with someone who has blocked you .

Read messages without being online

We have left for the end the most ninja trick of all so that you can read the messages that write to you without appearing online , that is to say, that there will be no trace and you when you want you already respond, or not. There is not one way but two to achieve it . 

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