The amazing effect of ARKit that will make you dizzy looking at your iPhone -


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Saturday, 3 March 2018

The amazing effect of ARKit that will make you dizzy looking at your iPhone

ARKit does not stop surprising us. And is that the platform developed by Apple for devs to materialize impressive apps with Augmented Reality have proved to be a real success. Simulators to decorate your home, games of all kinds, kitchen ... everything has a place in ARKit. Even the optical effects, as it could not be less.

Against all odds, the Augmented Reality has been the revelation, far above the Virtual Reality . In fact, this could explain why some attempts at VR glasses have been fairly unobtrusive - the gadgets of Samsung and Google - while generating a great expectation towards the more than possible Apple Augmented Reality glasses .

But let's return to augmented reality through ARKit. This week we have found something truly amazing on the internet, specifically on Twitter by the user @algomystic. As explained in his tweet, is created with Unity Engine and Face Tracking function, responsible for deceiving our eyes. As you can see, it is a hole in the middle of the screen of the iPhone X that gives a feeling of infinite and dizzying depth.

    portable hole !? 🙀
    no post effects, all in-camera. full write-up with source code coming soon
    - ΛLGΘMΨSΓIC (@algomystic) February 26, 2018

This surprising effect to many will remind us of the mythical books with 3D effects that we had to approach and move away to try to decipher what was hidden inside.

As we can read, this app will soon be available in the App Store . Keep your name: ParallelX View. We do not know when we can download it and whether it will be free or not, but one thing is clear: in a screen without borders like the iPhone X is much better than in other models.

If you love the Augmented Reality , here we leave you the best AR apps and of course, the most brutal AR games .

Via | The Mac Observer 

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