The Apple Watch 3 devours the Apple Watch 1 with its overwhelming success -


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Friday, 16 March 2018

The Apple Watch 3 devours the Apple Watch 1 with its overwhelming success

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a real wonder, it is a very fast smartwatch with the LTE connection. And, obviously, being the most recent model is the most powerful and reliable Apple Watch to date.

Developer David Smith has been following up exhaustively with his Pedometer ++ application of the adoption of the Apple Watch Series 3 , and the results are amazing.

Currently, the adoption of Apple Watch 3 has surpassed the rest of smartwatches of the company of the bitten apple. Although it should be noted that the results of this analysis are not 100% true to reality , since they only measure how many users use a specific application. But it can give us a good idea of ​​how sales are going.

The Apple Watch 3 could have passed the adoption of the other models

David Smith has ensured that the adoption of the Apple Watch Series 3 has grown very quickly since its introduction. As of today, 33% of users of their application are using the most recent model. And currently it is the most popular model .

On the other hand, the adoption of the original Apple Watch remains very low, but it is curious how it remains at the same level since the beginning of 2017 . In fact, one in four users who use the Pedometer ++ application still have an Apple Watch 1.

    "My hope is that this summer when we have watchOS 5 will no longer be compatible with the first model of Apple Watch and will allow Apple to enhance everything that will be possible for developers."

The truth is that many users of the first generation Apple Watch have been waiting for the right moment to update their smartwatches. What do you think about this topic? Will you wait for the Apple Watch 4? Will you introduce an Apple camera in your next watch? Are smartwatches the future of smartphones?

Via | 9to5mac 

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