The Apple Watch is good for your heart (and detects arrhythmias with 97% accuracy) -


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Friday, 23 March 2018

The Apple Watch is good for your heart (and detects arrhythmias with 97% accuracy)

The Apple Watch is the reference wearable and it is not for less. When it came out he won all the looks of a sector accustomed to cheaper devices but also much less attractive. There is no doubt, the Apple Watch is the most elegant and best designed wearable , suitable for all occasions.

Since then, the Apple Watch has evolved to become a fundamental tool for lovers of healthy living and fitness . We can not ignore that also its absolute synchronization with the iPhone and increasing autonomy have also been providential for many users to choose it.

You can do so many things with an Apple Watch! Start or answer calls, read WhatsApp messages, change Spotify song ... But it can also save your life with certain health problems such as if you suffer from the heart.

The Apple Watch detects arrhythmias with 97% accuracy

A recent study by the team behind the Cardiogram app, which measures our heart rate, reveals that the heartbeat sensor present in the Apple Watch - when used integrated with an Artificial Intelligence tool - is able to detect rhythms irregular heartbeats with an accuracy of 97% .

It is not the first study they do in this regard, although at the beginning of the year they collaborated with the University of California linking IA with another similar app called DeppHeart in which it was discovered that it could also detect diabetes with 85% accuracy .

But his ability to detect arrhythmias is so surprising that he has won a paper in the prestigious journal JAMA Cardiology . As we can read, to carry out the study, 9,750 people using the Cardiogram app were analyzed and more than 139 million data were recorded. An important detail: none of the participants had suffered heart problems before .

Another informative magazine like Modern Healthcare details it:

    Thanks to the smartwatches atrial fibrillations can be detected that could go unnoticed without them. Being accessible means that it is possible to detect and monitor the heart of users. In addition, smartwatches are not invasive, they are relatively cheap and increasingly popular.

Apple has been working on the Health platform for a while, researching, acquiring startups, etc., and the consequences are visible, in the form of a device capable of controlling our habits, improving them and protecting us from disorders . 

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