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Saturday, 3 March 2018

The average life of an Apple device is 4 years, what is your experience?

If Apple devices are known for something, apart from their price, it is because of their reliability . There is still some rare avis with the iPhone 5 , a phone that will do in September 6 years since it was presented.

However, a study has been conducted on the average life of Apple products . An analyst named Horace Dediu has deduced that doing some calculations the result is just over four years. Some may seem very little to you!

But these studies include any Apple device, from the iPhone to the iMac . The average therefore throws this time, which for an iPhone can be as long and for a computer it may be in tune or a more logical date.

It was Tim Cook himself who said at one of the last benefit meetings with the shareholders of the company, that at present some 1,300 million Apple devices were in use in the world . To make the calculation, the analyst operated on the number of active devices and the accumulated sold to determine which are those that are removed, you simply have to do a subtraction.

To estimate the half-life, the time elapsed between the devices sold at the beginning of the useful life of the product and the current retired devices is calculated. In conclusion, he determined that the average life of the Apple device is approximately 4 years and three months .

And of course, this average is a calculation that affects the entire range of products of Californians , without making distinctions between them. If you calculate the average life of an iPhone will be much less, and if you calculate the number of a computer, that figure will be higher.

For the rest, what is your experience with these products? How long have you been able to stretch the life of an iPhone or iPad? We will love knowing your opinions.

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