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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The average life of an Apple device is 4 years, how long is an Android?

A few days ago we told you that according to a study by Horace Dediu, the average life of an Apple device exceeds 4 years . Of course, it's not bad, especially if we compare it with the average life of an Android device , which at most is two years, as we read in iDropNews .

Before reading the study, we already knew something to tilt the balance between iOS and Android: the updates provided by both operating systems over time and their compatibility , which did not leave Android manufacturers very well off .

For his study, Horace Dediu set out to know how many active Apple devices there were, how many had been sold over time and with that calculate their half-life.

As it is something complex to explain, it was accompanied by some graphs that we show below. As an example if we take today, we can see in the graph above that the line of devices accumulated over time is 2,050 million devices, to which we have to subtract 1,300 million devices, that is, the data they are 750 million.

Next we look at when the accumulated devices reached 705 million devices, specifically the third quarter of 2013. Therefore, the half-life is 17 quarters, or 4 years and three months .

Some limitations of the study

Of course, this number should not be taken as a complete reference for all products in the Apple ecosystem . In fact it is an average that does not represent the lowest or highest ranges of the product's useful life.

And is that Dediu did not separate the different Apple gadgets individually , so the average of 4 years and 3 months is absolutely everything: from an iPhone or an Apple Watch to an iMac. Any owner of a computer of the bitten apple can tell you with total certainty that his equipment has exceeded that time of life without problems.

In addition, the analyst does not enter to specify the devices that are replaced by malfunction or because simply and plainly, his new ones wanted to renew it by acquiring a new one, even though its operation was adequate.

As Dediu himself explains in the Asymco post:

    This is not an estimate of the half-life, it is only a measure of its use. 

In any case, it is a good approximation of a user experience that we have experienced . Also, Apple provides support for devices with up to 5 years of life, from which usually declare them obsolete.

Another point to keep in mind is that in a previous study, Dediu claimed using the same mathematics that the average life of an Apple device increases with the passage of time , come on, that every time we prolong the purchase of a new terminal.

What happens with Android devices?

Interestingly, a reader named Melci says that using the same calculation method, the average life of an Android device goes from 1 to 2 years . To make this estimate, it takes as a base the active Android devices and how many terminals with the operating system of Google are sold per year.

G oogle reports only 2 billion active Android devices - between phones and tablets - a fact that we can ratify by Google itself, which revealed this information in its Twitter account last year:

    Thanks to developers and our partners around the world, there are now more than 2 billion monthly active Android devices. # io17
    - Google (@Google) May 17, 2017

And the number of Android phones sold per year in 2017 alone is approximately 1,300 million units , according to market research firm Gartner .

Note that in this comparison have already been discounted Apple devices, but have not taken into account the tablets , restricted only to mobile phones.

Melci summons Dediu to perform these calculations with the existing data base active devices and how much has been sold over the years, but all indications are that Android devices are not in good place compared to Apple .

Obviously it is not fair to count the 4 years of Apple devices to also include computers, but if the average life of a smartphone is 21 months - almost 2 years - according to Recon Analytics , it is clear that in this range the iPhone They find in the longest area . 

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