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Monday, 5 March 2018

The best (and worst) of Apple Watch 3 after a week of use

Not too long ago, we talked about how the Apple Watch had managed to unseat the entire Swiss watch industry , creating along the way what could be a Fortune 500 company with the benefits that Apple has reported their smart watches with other accessories Of the brand. And, you have to have a very important thing in mind, it's been almost three years since the company launched its watch, and today, we are talking about our experience with the third version.

For now, we will leave for later the subject of the evolution of this market that, regardless of who it weighs, is still underway thanks to Apple has managed to sell its proposal, since the smart watches of other platforms still unfinished too. Now, we will focus on some of the points that we think you should know before considering the purchase of a new Apple Watch Series 3, specifically, we will discuss its Sport version, whose differences we have already highlighted .

Yes, now Siri speaks, but that is not the best change

It may seem silly, and I'm sure that for many it will be, but that Siri is able to talk through the clock is something that I was missing from the first model. Honestly, I did not finish seeing the concept of the future clock that Apple wanted to sell us without a voice that was able to tell me what I asked instead of having to read it on the screen. It is a small detail that can give much comfort to all users who use the assistant regularly.

But, as I said in the title of the section, this is not your best change , but has another series of details that will especially notice those that come from the first version or Series 1. I speak of its processor and the new W2 chip , because its efficiency and speed are worthy of mention . If with the first Apple Watch I had to charge it every night, now I have to think if the second day I want to connect it, because it still has enough to last another half day.

The evolution from the first clock: same design, totally different experience

As I said, in terms of processing and autonomy, the differences are not only palpable, but also a world. In my case, I sold the first Apple Watch to go to Android (duré little), and left it with a side button that did not work for almost anything with the contact selector, and some apps that took it very calmly to start and start to work Now that I have returned, the amount of changes that have taken place since the clock arrived are abysmal.

Another of the details that I have started to take advantage of a lot, is the water resistance of the watch. I know it's a function that came with Series 2, but I still find it a joy that we can quantify our training also in the water, as I said a while ago . And that also comes in handy to clean the watch, although you have to be very careful when handling it, as I'll tell you next.

The resistance is still not the strong point of this watch 

What bothered me most about the first Apple Watch, even over those loads of eternal applications, was the little resistance that the materials of this watch have, to be a watch. It does not matter if it is a Sport version, or if it is the Edition version, a watch must hold the rhythm of day to day, and it can not be that something that the screen of something that costs no less than 369 euros is ralleged with extreme ease. And believe me, as a student, the only thing against which you usually clash is against the leg of the table.

I'm not talking about the fact that they should put all their watches on diamond screens, like the next iPhone, and a body with a metal extracted from a meteorite, but at least able to endure more than a year without scratching . And, as for the steel Apple Watch, I think we have seen enough times how easy it is to end up as if it had been a sand bath, but in this case I'm talking about the Sport version, which is sporty , in materials, only has the name.
Conclusions for the undecided

Regarding the conclusions, I will not extend too much, it is not necessary. Users of an Apple Watch Series 2 will not notice much difference with the jump, and personally I would not change the clock to listen to Siri, no matter how good it looks.

However, those who come from the first model, from a Series 1, or who do not directly have an Apple Watch, if I think they should give this Series 3 a chance. I'm sure that when you get used to it, you'll throw it out. less every time you have to leave it behind.

And you, do you have an Apple Watch Series 3? What do you think? 

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