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Sunday, 18 March 2018

The best of Google Pixel 2 comes to the iPhone

We all know that the iPhone X is the most desired mobile, but that does not mean that terminals like the Galaxy S9 or Google Pixel 2 are not great options with their own characteristics that more than one we would like to have in the iPhone.

In the case of the Pixel, something that attracted much attention to its buyers was Google Lens, and is that thanks to this technology we can obtain information through augmented reality . Using our mobile camera and taking a look around, we get to know what is around us.

This technology is close to our iPhone, and it has been Google itself that has announced in its account that Lens will extend to all Android devices with Google Photos installed, and that soon we can also find it on iOS . This shows the interest of the companies in the virtual reality; for example, Apple recently also made a move in this direction, presenting its platform of development of Virtual Reality : ARKit.

Google Lens comes to iPhone soon 

This function may be known among Android users, but for those who are reading and do not know, it is to use virtual reality to get information of all kinds and interact with it , all directly from the camera of our mobile .

Today we can consult restaurants, interact with them and make a quick reservation, look for emblematic places in the city, and even take a picture of a dog and know what race it is, but this is just the beginning .

The tool is in the development phase, and is destined to be an artificial intelligence capable of helping us in our daily tasks, as intelligent as Siri , but also in this case can see. How many calories does a plate have? It will be enough with approaching the mobile to have an approximation.

So that we understand what this can help us with, we only have to imagine one assumption: you find a picture of a poster of a group that will soon be coming to your city. You make a photo with your mobile and from that moment, the terminal offers you additional information via Wikipedia, videos on YouTube, or even purchase tickets for your next concert.

Currently it is unknown when this application will Google to iOS, but it is expected to be very soon , while launching the function to other Android terminals.

Via | Business Insider 

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