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Sunday, 4 March 2018

The clones of the iPhone X in the MWC 2018

That the iPhone brand trend is not new, does not do more than see some of the new features presented at the MWC 2018. What do not you want notch? Take 2 cups.

It waits for him with desire and in the end it ends up being long and later to be missed. I'm not talking about the weekend or having churros with chocolate, but the MWC. This 2018 I've felt it like this: an exciting roller coaster where, once uploaded, the emotions feel like at home. Also the dream, but I'll talk about that when I get to sleep more than 5 hours straight.

Ok, the MWC is a personal experience, but it is also for all the companies that attend. Each one tries to get attention with their novelties , all try to overcome the competition and the result is that they seem to run a competition without leaving the site. How to stand out from the rest with an Android smartphone design? Imitating the iPhone X , what better.

There are several mobile phones that presented this MWC 2018 with a design inspired by the latest Apple smartphone. Some disguise the inspiration, others directly clone their appearance. So let's take stock of the matter: what Android phone to buy, which is like the iPhone X and for much less price? The MWC 2018 brings us several alternatives.

"Notch display", when a defect becomes a virtue

When Apple introduced the iPhone X, the biggest criticism pointed to the upper eyebrow, that kind of eyelash that ended up being known by the Anglo-Saxon term of "notch" (notch). It breaks the design of the mobile phone and the screen, although it does so for one reason: to offer smaller final dimensions and a complete facial recognition system with front camera included. Let's say it's a "lesser evil".

A choice of controversial design based on the physical needs of the smartphone, so I would qualify the famous notch of the iPhone X. There are ways to hide it, such as leaving a margin of about 5 millimeters where to place sensors, cameras and loudspeakers. It has many mobiles and is not traumatic, in this way the full screen remains for the content and the experience of use is still positive.

The notch is a controversial design choice based on the physical needs of the smartphone

If you can include everything you need in a mobile without having to cut the screen, why do it? The answer is clear: to look like the iPhone X. Hence, Chinese mobile phones have included a positive feature in their specification sheets: the " notch display ". From "issue" to "feature", as an Anglo-Saxon would say (from problem to characteristic).

What mobile phones have I found in the MWC 2018 that make the notch display a remarkable feature? Let's see some of them.

Ulefone T2 Pro

I was with this mobile for a while and the truth is that the tab is very visible. Also the front design is very similar to the iPhone X, but I have to say that it has a lot of potential and its own character. It is thin, with a huge battery, has a screen that stays at the limit of comfort and behind the design of the camera resembles that of the iPhone 8 and earlier.

I will dedicate an entire article to this mobile phone because I think it deserves it. The inspiration in Apple is clear, but Ulefone has managed to give it a stamp so that it can become a good recommendation. The prototype that I tested is not yet finished, so it still has room for improvement.

Doogee V

I could not escape to the presentation of the mobile in Barcelona, ​​but you do not need to touch it to discover the front with clear inspiration on the iPhone X. There is the notch and this detail as a feature; but also other highlights, such as the screen with curved edge or the fingerprint sensor under the screen . At least Doogee wanted to distinguish himself a bit among the rest of the proposals.

Noa N10

Noa is a brand from Eastern Europe that has been designing cheap mobiles for several years with more or less accessible features. I confess that I did not know her until yesterday, but surely I do not forget her. Especially the Noa N10 , a clone of the iPhone X a little bigger.

They had it in a showcase, they did not allow access to Noa N10 . You can see its characteristics: a mid-range / low mobile phone with decent features and a screen with an eyebrow. It seems incomprehensible to me, but I suppose that there will be those who look for a mobile the closest thing to the iPhone X without having to spend the asshole that Apple asks for it.

Blackview A30

Many are the more or less known Chinese brands that have contributed their clone mobile with low level specifications. One of them is Blackview with its A3o . It looks like an iPhone X ahead and mimics the look of the camera from behind. In fact, the model does not cut a hair and copy without objection the icons and the appearance of the desktop. At least it will be cheap ...

Leagoo S9

Another one of those Chinese brands Meat GearBest in the line of 100 euros. Leagoo has its booth at MWC 2018 with a varied selection of mobile phones that also includes its own version of the iPhone X. Let's greet the Leagoo S9 , a mobile with a double camera of 13 + 2 Mpx that wallows in its resemblance to the iPhone X by all its angles. I had it in my hand and I would say that even the dimensions are identical.

Oukitel U18

This is a Chinese brand that you may know if you dive in the Chinese importers. Very adjusted prices for mobile phones that, without offering anything out of the ordinary, usually comply with the basics. And what to do to get out of the ordinary? Well, shoot the iPhone X. Pity that, as corroborated by this post, the play does not go well when the rest of cheap Chinese opponents is dedicated to do the same.

Asus Zenfone 5 / 5Z

I place the Zenfone 5 and 5Z in this article because they deserve to be mentioned as clones of the iPhone X. In addition, the manufacturer does not hide at any time since it was compared several times during the presentation. Although yes, you should not stay alone with that detail: both phones have enough features to recommend your purchase. Especially the Asus Zenfone 5Z .

Both smartphones are very well built, solid, with a camera that gives a thousand laps to any Chinese copy of the iPhone X and with a spectacular price for all the benefits offered by the Asus Zenfone 5Z. Even with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 , that for 479 euros you have a piece of mobile.

Special mention: Wiko View 2 and 2 Pro

It is not a clone of the iPhone X because its design mixes a bit of the essential with Wiko's own aesthetic, but its View 2 and Wiko View 2 Pro were made to me similar to Apple's mobile seen from behind. In hand they do not seem too similar, hence the special mention. And quite affordable without this being synonymous with low quality .

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