The iPhone 8 Plus was made with components "not authorized" by Apple -


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Friday, 16 March 2018

The iPhone 8 Plus was made with components "not authorized" by Apple

Apple has suspended the production of smartphones from one of the most important manufacturing companies in China. The reason? the use of components not authorized in the manufacture of the iPhone 8 Plus.

Initially, these components not authorized by Apple should (supposedly) be hardware components that lower the cost of manufacturing the iPhone 8 Plus to increase revenue. Although the media has not specified what components it is, but it seems the most reasonable theory.

The company in question is Wistron, and has been accused of using unauthorized components in a facility in Kunshan (China) where the manufacture of the iPhone 8 Plus was made . But do not panic, your iPhone 8 Plus has no problem, and Wistron is only responsible for the production of a small percentage of terminals.

Wistron, sanctioned by the use of unauthorized components

According to the Wistron manufacturing company, "the operations are still completely normal". But according to media reports, the production has been suspended for two weeks.

Wistron says that relations with Apple are still normal, but this news has made the company's shares have fallen more than 5% in a few hours.

Following the thread of the news, it seems that from Wistron have penalized some members and senior executives who worked for the company in order to regain the confidence of Apple.

As mentioned previously, Wistron is part of the supply chain and manufacturing of Apple's iPhone, but in relation to the iPhone 8 Plus, only takes a small percentage of the production . While Foxconn, on the other hand, controls 80% of its production.

But Wistron continues to grow little by little in the Apple ecosystem. Last year began with the manufacture of iPhone SE in India at a factory in Bangalore. Let's hope that the relations return to be ideal and do not return to commit irregularities in the production.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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