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Monday, 5 March 2018

The iPhone trick so you do not get lost on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ...

I have to confess: I'm addicted to Twitter . I love to take advantage of the dead moments while I wait for the public transport, in the waiting room of the doctor, in the bathroom ... I have fun, I entertain and I inform myself with the news. It does not matter if you have a minute that half an hour, you slide your finger and you scroll down.

But at a certain time, you want to go back to the top for whatever. How to do it? Re-swipe your finger up? What boredom! Much faster and effective to do with this trick : two quick taps on the top of the screen et voilĂ ! your timeline will rise as if by magic to the top.

We have already seen that this is possible with the Safari browser , but it can also be used with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. among other. Of course, the difference lies in the number of touches: in Safari you only need one, while in social networks two are required .

What has not been clear to you? We show you in ten seconds in a practical way:

Easy, simple and terribly useful. iOS is full of shortcuts in general, but with iOS 11 Apple has gone one step further : from the powerful Spotlight to track everything on your iPhone to activate the secret f your device's secret keyboard .

But if there is a trick that has surprised newbies and veterans of iOS , that is the fantastic Shake to Undo , which will allow you to undo the last thing you have written wherever you are.

And you, did you know this trick? Did you use it? If you want us to publish a trick that you think few people know or that we investigate the shortcuts of an iOS native app, leave your opinion in the comments. 

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