The iPhone X brings two years of advantage to any Android phone -


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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The iPhone X brings two years of advantage to any Android phone

For many of us the iPhone is the best phone on the market for the set that forms a careful, elegant design, with a hardware optimized to the maximum and its true jewel of The Crown: iOS, a clean, intuitive and much safer than Android software , something that even have no qualms in recognizing in Google .

However, in matters of innovation sometimes tends to say - and rightly so - that Apple has not invented anything . No, Apple interprets and polishes to achieve something that almost borders on perfection .

Thus, we know that Apple did not invent the notch - it was the Motorola Motofone F3 in 2006 - nor the facial recognition, but it has been the iPhone X that has managed to make them fashionable and also its Face ID is so reliable that it can be used as biometric system to unlock the terminal and make payments.

Yes, the facial recognition was already on Android, and of course after the iPhone X reason for more to continue appearing on Android devices, but according to Reuters , the manufacturers of the competition will take 2 years to reach the level of precision and Reliability The notch and the set of sensors capable of mapping 20,000 points of our face to reproduce it in 3D are the key .

That is, until 2019 we will not see that this sensor technology reaches Android , so now we see spawns with notch and fingerprint sensors, simply because they want and can not or even worse, because they have not understood anything.

Making it possible means facing a series of technological challenges that will cost a lot of time and money . The report cites three manufacturers that confirm this bottleneck - these are Viavi Solutions Inc, Finisar Corp and Ams AG -. When it becomes a reality, the Huawei, Xiaomi and company will be able to integrate it.

Bill Ong, director of investments at Viavi, explains:

    It will take a long time for them to develop and integrate into the production chain. We could have a potential introduction of a 3D sensor later this year, but in very low volumes.

No, not even Samsung is able to beat its facial recognition today , although with its Intelligent Scan that combines facial recognition with Iris, it can do so until 2019 .

For Apple was not a path of roses : had to close a deal of 390 million dollars with Finisar to achieve VCSELs technology, which emits lasers responsible for mapping the face.

Apple is working on developing innovative and reliable technology, but it is also very much on top of its production chain and the technological startups that stand out. Precisely thanks to its thoroughness gets these disruptive developments materialize soon, achieving differentiation in the market . 

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