The iPhone X camera is still better than the Galaxy S9 camera in one thing -


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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The iPhone X camera is still better than the Galaxy S9 camera in one thing

Much is being talked about how wonderful the camera of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and its version of 6.2 inches, the Galaxy S9 + . And there are reasons for this, its magnificent benefits and the tests that have been carried out give it encouragement.

Comparisons with Apple's flagship , the iPhone X , are inevitable. Yes that at first, the camera of the American phone seems that it will not be able to compete against that of Samsung . Or maybe?

And we have known that the camera of the Samsung will not be able to record video at 4K and 60 fps continuously, only during periods of 5 minutes . The proof is in a video uploaded to Reddit . Surprised? But if the iPhone can do it without limitations! Why?

And in doing so, the chip responsible for processing the information overheats . And this is something that happens in the Galaxy S9 that ride Qualcomm chip, the Sanpdragon 845, for the North American market. Samsung phones with Exynos chips, for international markets, are less prone to overheating and, for that reason, can withstand longer recording footage.

With Apple and its devices there is no problem, in fact the 8 series and the iPhone X support any recording time at 4K and 60 fps . The secret seems to be that since Apple is the one who designs and builds its own hardware architecture, these negative effects are minimized.

Although the question is to consider who intends to record a video for more than 5 minutes, unless you have aspirations of film director or do not know that good perfumes come in small bottles . Otherwise , what impression does the new Samsung device cause? Will it be more noise than nuts? We await your opinions in comments.

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