The LCD screens of the iPhone could have the hours counted -


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Saturday, 31 March 2018

The LCD screens of the iPhone could have the hours counted

There is no doubt that the screen of the iPhone X , which incorporates an OLED panel (finally), is of great quality. Its definition make it live up to the scandalous price of the terminal . And to tell the truth, the rest of the phones presented by Apple in 2017, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, are at a high level as well, despite having LCD screens.

Japan Display, supplier of panels, was faced with some difficulties when Samsung obtained the manufacture of the OLED panels of the iPhone X in favor of the first ones. And we will have to see what the immediate future is, both for Apple and for the rest.

It is practically taken for granted that this year three iPhone models will be launched with different sizes, 5.8 inches, another 6.1 inches and one last of 6.5 . The intermediate model, 6.1 inches, would come with an LCD panel, which would have a price significantly lower than the rest, with OLED screens.

This is so given the discreet sales of the iPhone X , which at the macro level has been an economic failure. A good and powerful terminal, it is true, but it does not offer anything extraordinarily special , perhaps if we except the Face ID, which justifies its high price. In fact, there are digital media such as bgr that express that it will surely be discontinued this year .

Apple would like to continue incorporating these screens in the future , not only has the iPhone X, but also the Apple Watch , for example. It could be understood that the cost of these panels would be less and less and would become more popular. Although perhaps, the future for Apple would be different, since it works on microLED screens , as we have already announced on occasion.

Finally, there are elements that Apple would like to stop being manufactured by others, such as the battery or processors . Would the company thus reduce costs and that this would be reflected in the end user?

Via | 9to5mac 

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