The legendary game Street Fighter will come to your iPhone with Augmented Reality -


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Saturday, 17 March 2018

The legendary game Street Fighter will come to your iPhone with Augmented Reality

Who has never dreamed of seeing a Hadouken of Ryu or Ken in real life? Well with the new version of Street Fighter II we will be closer to being able to do it.

Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Honda and the rest of characters from the Street Fighter saga of Camcom will reach the iPhone and iPad screens with a surprising title. The new Street Fighter will be compatible with ARKit and augmented reality .

Street Fighter II will return to the real world with the augmented reality of Apple , and the results are absolutely great. There is already a video demonstration of how the game will be, and you can not miss it. It is super fun!

Street Fighter II with augmented reality

In the video attached below you can see how a developer has been able to revive the classic fighting game to show different characters in fun multiplayer battles .

Although the physics of this Street Fighter II augmented reality are somewhat slow, the graphics are quite well achieved . As for the controls, we see a crosshead in the lower left corner and three action buttons in the lower right corner.

The movements of the characters are very well designed, they have even added the shadows with the right direction with respect to the Sun. Moreover, during the fight, as a player you can move around the characters with complete freedom to obtain a 3D perspective of the battle.

The developer of this fantastic augmented reality game has even added the special bonus screen in which Street Fighter characters must smash a car. It can not be more fun.

The technology of augmented reality continues to grow and the nostalgia for games like this will capture the attention of many people , as it happened with Pokémon GO . It seems that they will not be the only classics that will arrive with augmented reality in our lives ... What do you think about this new Street Fighter game with augmented reality?

Via | Cult of Mac 

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