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Sunday, 11 March 2018

The most original proposals to eliminate the notch of the iPhone X

During the Mobile World Congress we have seen how Android manufacturers launched their bets to get screens with increasingly thin edges and bevels , trying to avoid the concept followed by Apple and its 'notch'.

While it is true that copying the decisions of Apple became a common trend , it seems that this time some of the companies have tried to avoid this habit, looking for their own innovations to achieve an authentic screen without bevels or 'horns'.

With greater or lesser accuracy, different brands have already placed their bets, demonstrating their particular interpretation of the new generation of terminals. Let's see some examples .
Edge to edge screens: no place for buttons

Samsung and its Infinite Display 

Samsung has openly mocked the 'notch' of the iPhone X, while claiming that their solution (which we saw some time ago) makes your screen become, authentically, an infinite screen.

Naturally, what Samsung does not take into account is that the bevels of its new flagship, S9 and S9 + are smaller, yes, but they are still very present . We only have to see one phone in front of another to discern which one looks more like an edge-to-edge screen and which one is more reminiscent of a design, although perfected, typical of some years ago.

Live and your Apex Concept

Seeing that people have started to turn towards mobile phones with full screen, manufacturers such as Vivo have made a strong commitment to follow this trend . Your Apex concept is a sample of what they consider an 'edge-to-edge' screen, and here you can find it.

In this case we can say that the mobile is almost all screen, and to maintain the front camera have had to pull ingenuity: this is retractable . On the other hand, the fingerprint sensor is integrated into the screen.

We can not say that it will be a success or failure, simply because it is still a concept that has not been presented for a week, so we will have to wait to see it in the markets.

When it comes to making a screen edge to edge, the ideas emerge, however curious they may be. The solution of Bluboo to get a free screen of cameras or edges has been to create a rear camera that can move when we want to make a selfie, as seen in the photo.

The mechanism material is specifically reinforced to withstand up to 100,000 uses , so we will hardly break it before we change terminal. As we see, some of the proposals that we have been able to see this MWC to create edge-to-edge screens without 'notch' are really curious . With what solution do you stay?

Via | 9to5Mac 

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