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Thursday, 8 March 2018

The name of the following iPhone can only be one

Last year we were lost until the last moment with the name of the flagship special edition tenth anniversary : Would it be iPhone 8? IPhone Special? Simply iPhone? A leak took us out of doubts hours before: it was going to be iPhone X.

But what will happen now with the 2018 iPhone? From Mashable have launched a proposal: iPhone, to dry . And some reason is not missing: we have already lost the "s", the "Plus", the "SE" and now the numbers and letters. Stop!

If we have MacBook, iPad or iPod Touch, why not do the same and adopt it, so that it is simply iPhone? Yes, it is clear that it serves to differentiate, but we would also say that it is the iPhone of 2018. Question of marketing to focus the attention of potential customers? Maybe it's time for something new.

Why Apple keeps using numbers on their iPhone

One thing is certain: this year Apple is going to launch 3 iPhone models , with which there could be some confusion with the users and their intention to purchase . But it could remain iPhone to dry and leave the denominations Pro, Plus or Edition, following other brand names.

But if Apple continues to launch phones every year - several, to be precise -, the number helps to differentiate them, so that we know that the iPhone 6s is the first that integrated 3D Touch or the iPhone 7 that banished the Jack connection forever. They are things that help and serve to sell. And is that if we say that the iPhone 8 was the first to integrate wireless charging, the iPhone 6 sounds very, very old .

The numbers denote age, so it's no accident that Macs do not use numbers . After all, you do not change your computer as fast as you do on the phone. In addition, Apple wants you to find reasons to change your phone every year, hence its update program.

The before and after the iPhone X

But the iPhone X was disruptive at all levels : for the competition - which has found a vein to inspire both design and specifications - for Apple itself and its aesthetics and of course, for its users.

With the iPhone X Apple changed strategy, launching two continuist phones and one groundbreaking one. Until the X of its name breaks with all the above, leaving the iPhone 9 to fall into oblivion .

The iPhone X broke with all the above, so it may be time to change the name too . The number in the name no longer makes sense. Would someone buy an iPhone 8s with the iPhone X of the previous year in the market? Will there be an iPhone XI? Do you pronounce it as iPhone "X" or iPhone 10? Has Apple gone over to Roman numbers, but are they still numbers? Will there be an iPhone Xs?

The iPhone has never been cheap - although it deserves a separate explanation to talk about what is expensive and cheap or the laws of supply and demand - but the iPhone X comfortably exceeds one thousand euros .

According to Tim Cook himself, the iPhone X has technology for the next decade and is also the biggest jump from the original iPhone. Reading this, one may think that given the investment and the quality of the product, perhaps this imminent supercycle will bring with it more expensive terminals but also more long-lived .

Much confusion that would solve eliminating the numbers and betting on a project in which perhaps pay more would make sense, as long as this phone is something else. This would be sustainable and not what we saw in his last announcement about the environment .

The name of the following iPhone can only be one : simply iPhone. 

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