The notch is to blame: the iPhone X breaks before the Galaxy S9 + -


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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The notch is to blame: the iPhone X breaks before the Galaxy S9 +

With the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its older brother, in size and RAM, in the stores, resistance tests to the falls reappear . For many of us it is a painful thing to see, just thinking that something of that happened in one of our terminals would be shocking.

This time the tests focus on the Samsung Galaxy S9 + and the iPhone X , two top terminals in terms of performance and that are characterized by their relative fragility . By having both wireless charging, the glass is a very present element in its co position.

On this occasion the fall tests are somewhat more scientific than in previous occasions and the same conclusion is reached, the terminals are broken. While the iPhone X very well supports the falls sideways, only causes a few scratches in the metal frame, when it does so flat, with the screen down, the damage is obvious .

In fact, when the Apple terminal falls face down, the damage is not long in coming . His rival resists better the impact against the ground in these conditions. And is that the lower resistance of the iPhone X screen and its absence of start button can have a more serious consequence beyond the break , leave it blocked.

The famous notch, or musca, that houses the TrueDepth system , which Samsung has not managed to develop and is responsible for the Face ID, can be shattered easily . Not only is the screen cracked, but a nice paperweight until you take it to repair. Do we need to remind you of the prices of changing the panel?

And another point in favor of the Samsung Galaxy S9 + in these types of impacts. Its rear camera resists properly, and that it has a mechanical opening system very susceptible to damage . Well hold the ravages of the ground with a commendable dignity. 

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