The notch of the iPhone X and other things that Apple revolutionized, were criticized, but that all ended up copying -


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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The notch of the iPhone X and other things that Apple revolutionized, were criticized, but that all ended up copying

Notch is a trend in the smartphone industry in the same way that infinite screens are or that we increasingly like larger screens. But this element of design so peculiar that it had its origin in the iPhone X , has expanded to a large part of the manufacturers.

But it is not the first thing - nor the last - that Apple started, it received harsh criticism for it and shortly after, everyone ended up copying it. The chief editor of The Loop Dave Mark started a couple of days ago a thread on twitter that has been replicated to get an interesting collection on all these revolutionary changes initiated by the apple bitten with an immediate echo in the industry . Do we do a review?

    Are the other examples where Apple did something that was:

    1. Publicly mocked and
    2. Copied industry wide?

    Getting rid of the floppy drive, then getting rid of the CD / DVD drive are two. I see this more as Apple skating to where the puck is going to be.
    - Dave Mark (@davemark) February 28, 2018

Apple was the first

  •     Remove the disk drive on your Macs.
  •     How Apple likes to remove ports, right?
  •     Integrate USB into your computers . Something curious, considering how it resists adopting it on their iOS devices in standard or mini version. You do not believe it? As you can read in the Wikipedia USB input: 

    The iMac of Apple Inc. was the first mainstream product with USB and the success of the iMac popularized USB.

  •     Goodbye to the command line interface.
  •     Adopt bright and colorful colors on a computer, the Bondi blue iMac G3. One of the strengths of Apple is the design, but with this iconic computer, Macintosh was the first to give a touch of color to the boring computers .
  •     A closed computer, without easy access to memory to add cards.
  •     Be incompatible with Adobe Flash Player, a controversial measure that gave Steve Jobs reason

  •  .    Delete the jack connection on the iPhone 7 in 2016.
  •     The Iphone. Yes, the smartphone as we know it today, with every screen, just buttons and apps to download, is something from Apple and the original iPhone .
  •     Go from integrating a keyboard on your phones to a capacitive screen .
  •     Non-removable battery , both on Mac and iPhone.
  •     Resist to integrate an SD slot , a very demanded by its users and that incidentally allows the Samsung Galaxy S9 can increase its capacity to 400GB.
  •     The Apple Watch, an expensive device with many more functions than the rest of wearables - where the activity bracelet predominated - that has become its own market niche and in general, is the absolute leader of the industry .
  •     The iPad and everything he could do . As in the previous case, there was no such gadget in the market, in fact Steve Jobs was quite annoyed with the initial reaction of people, as we can read in Apple Insider . Again, time has proved right and the iPad is sweeping its market .

The thread is long and continues to grow, we have incorporated some idea. Are you missing something that some revolution started by Apple with controversy that later have imitated the rest? 

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