Monday, 12 March 2018

The real reason why the Samsung Galaxy S9 does not have notch

On February 25, Samsung presented its Galaxy S9 line during a conference of the MWC event of 2018 in Barcelona. The South Korean company has slightly tweaked the design with respect to the Galaxy S8, but the great novelties arrive inside, with its hardware.

Some of the most significant hardware upgrades of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 + are present in your camera and on your OLED screen . With the implementation of these improvements, these two new terminals have become the absolute owners of the market , over Apple's iPhone X.

We recently discovered a new design concept that showed a Samsung Galaxy S9 with notch . But Samsung has not integrated the "notch" (upper front frame) of the 3D sensors and the camera modules of the iPhone X into their devices. Here we will talk about why Samsung has avoided embedding a "notch" style of Apple's iPhone X.

How does Face ID work?

Before starting, it is imperative to remember how Apple's facial recognition technology works. The implementation of the upper front frame was designed to accommodate all kinds of hardware elements such as camera modules, lighting sensors, spot projector, infrared camera and image sensors.

Why Samsung has not implemented this technology?

Samsung included several improvements in its face and iris recognition technology on its smartphones. It is now called "Intelligent Scan" on the Galaxy S9 and is supposedly much faster than it was before.

But the manufacture of components for 3D cameras has many complications. There are not enough supplies to meet the high demand . In addition, Apple has significantly limited the stock of these components.

In fact, after facing several problems in the manufacture of the iPhone X, Apple will ensure a good supply of components for facial recognition present in the notch of your smartphone. One of his plans, and here comes the interesting thing, was to reach an exclusive agreement with Lumentum . This agreement would force Android manufacturers to find other solutions for the implementation of 3D sensors.

For Apple, being the first technology company to offer a reliable 3D facial recognition system is very important. But for Samsung it is not anymore, they think that "being the first one is not so important nowadays" and they have decided to focus on presenting products that their consumers need.

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