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Monday, 12 March 2018

The secret function of Safari that you did not know

Safari is the default browser for iPhone, iPad and Mac, and although Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge are a real pain, the native browser of Apple leaves quite satisfied to its users , who do not usually require the download of Google Chrome.

And, do not be fooled by its minimalist appearance, Safari is full of features that you can find both in their icons and in the typical shortcuts of iOS as it can be with 3D Touch or with long presses. Yes, practically every button has an additional function, something that you discover simply with daily use. Or reading our tricks. Today we want to show you one that you probably did not know.

Surely you are familiar with the update or refresh button . Yes, it is that icon with a circular arrow that is in the upper right corner, in the navigation bar. As you know how to press it, it is useful so that the data of the web in which you find yourself is updated, something ideal when the connection is not too good and it is late in loading.

Well, you have to know that if you do a long press on this button you will discover an additional function . You will see as soon as you do that you will be able to load the desktop version, that is, the version that we would see from a computer, something very useful in certain optimized pages whose distribution has been simplified.

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