The Spring Festival arrives at Pokémon GO, Breeders to power! -


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Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Spring Festival arrives at Pokémon GO, Breeders to power!

Do not be fooled by the lack of Pokémon GO news, because the Niantic game continues to be strong on all platforms. From new creatures and more functions, to innovative events for the community, although not all of them come out as the expected organization , this augmented reality game that started the trend towards these technologies is getting bigger. And with the arrival of spring, players will receive a new festival with which to polish their skills.

As is customary at this time of year, in which life makes its way, Niantic has again brought a very special event for those who decided to take the path of Pokémon breeding. Starting at 9pm (Spanish time) today, March 22nd, the Spring Festival will start a competition to become the best Pokémon breeder in the world. And to even things, you will have some special advantages during these days.

The main novelty is that all the eggs that you will get from the Poképaradas will be only 2 km, which means that you can achieve all kinds of creatures in much less time. And these bonuses will remain active until 9 o'clock on the night of April 23, so you can take advantage of Holy Week to meet them all. If you still want more advantage, you can do with special packs in the store, which include superincubadoras .

Thanks to the Spring Festival, Niantic manages to regain the joy in the same game that, not so long ago, announced that certain devices would no longer be supported . And all that, at the same time that they continue working on other projects , such as the Wizarding World project they announced in the past. Of course, the fever of augmented reality has only just begun.

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