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Saturday, 24 March 2018

The text editor you need for your iPhone and iPad

Although the devices that we have been using regularly in our work environment often have applications that, although they are easy to manage, are quite complex, we always appreciate having one that puts us back on the ground. Are those that show their simplicity like this that we present.

Textor, that's what it's called, is probably one of those basic applications that you can not miss and that you should have. It is a simple text editor capable of opening and editing files with the extension .txt .

This application has the main advantage of being perfectly integrated into the iOS system . In fact when you install and open it, the first thing you see is its interface identical to that of Files in iOS, without a doubt a good sign when it comes to managing the files with which you work.

Textor also lacks anything unnecessary, you can not add images, you can not add bold, italic or any accessory element, as you can do in the native application Notes , only allows pure and hard text . And is that with the large number of applications that are able to amaze us because they can be edited and run on a simple iPhone, Textor covers a field that is that of simplicity, simplicity and effectiveness.

Another advantage that we see in Textor is that it integrates perfectly with any cloud storage service, something that we consider indispensable nowadays. In addition to this, this application has a very favorable point, that of being free and not having to make any type of purchase added to access any function.

For all this we consider that you should evaluate your download , since such a simple application can never be as useful as this one.

Via | cultofmac 

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