There are no supercycles: the iPhone X sells less than expected -


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Friday, 30 March 2018

There are no supercycles: the iPhone X sells less than expected

Before the official launch of the iPhone X , many analysts and investors already anticipated that the terminal would announce the supercycle of Apple's updates. Something logical, since the iPhone X provided a great redesign since the launch of the iPhone 6 .

However, the reality is another, and that is that the iPhone X has not lived up to expectations . At least as far as the sales outlook is concerned. That's right, Apple's iPhone X is not selling as well as expected.

Although Tim Cook recently mentioned that the iPhone X has been the company's most popular iPhone model since its launch last November, cumulative sales would have been a bit below expectations.

IPhone X sales are one step away from failure

Analysts at the Goldman Sachs company believe that sales of iPhone devices will reach 53 million units during the fourth quarter of March. On the other hand, they believe that sales will continue to fall in the next four months from now until June to 40 million units.

As a point of reference, it is interesting to note that during the quarter of March 2017 a total of 50 million units were registered .

Investors have also reduced their forecast of smartphone replacement by consumers, even in China. Although they claim that the number of people with iPhone will continue to grow. Currently there are 631 million units.

As for why the iPhone X has not sold as well as expected, a recent survey reveals that it is a smartphone with a price too high . And is that buying an iPhone for more than 1,000 euros is not available to everyone, and even if it were, many users prefer to opt for less expensive alternatives.

Source | BGR 

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