There will be no AirPods 2 in 2018: this is the possible release date -


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Saturday, 10 March 2018

There will be no AirPods 2 in 2018: this is the possible release date

The wireless headphones from Apple are one of the most profitable products for the Cupertino company . Launched in December 2016, they enjoyed a bad reputation even before they hit stores. Their price and design made them candidates for failure , which, however, has not happened. Do you remember the six weeks of delay for those who bought it?

The view is already set on the AirPods 2, which promise improvements such as wireless charging and noise cancellation, a technology that is present for example in the high-end Beats 3 . And this element may be the reason why we will not see AirPods 2 during this year 2018 . There is even talk of the possibility of a design change.

In addition to this, and as we have already announced on occasion , these new AirPods would come with a feature that would make them water resistant , adding some O-rings and covers that would help them to receive less noise from the outside.

What is expected during this 2018 is a progressive decrease in the price of the current headphones, of which it is estimated to sell some 30 million units during the current year, since the second generation model would be on the market at the beginning of 2019 .

And it is that during this year 2018 we expect the departure of the AirPower charging base , which among other functions could load the cargo case of the AirPods 2. The iPhone SE 2 would be together with a low-cost AirPad, the next bet from Apple for next dates , it is spoken of a keynote in this month of March.

Although the views will be set in September with the arrival of three iPhone models , one with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, with a somewhat cheaper price and that would replace the iPhone X, which will be discontinued in the near future.

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