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Thursday, 1 March 2018

These 12 codes show secret functions of your iPhone

Your iPhone is capable of multiple tasks, from the original of a phone to others that have been incorporated much later, such as taking pictures, searching a restaurant or writing on social networks. They are no longer just phones, they are now small computers capable of anything .

However, there is something that takes us back to past times, in which the phones had an eternal battery, the only game was that of the snake and the SMS were the top in terms of communication . We go back to the end of the 90s, with the explosion of mobile telephony for the general public.

And perhaps something remained of that, known as USSD codes , of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data , since at that time there were no applications that executed such commands. That is why we have proposed to bring together a good number of them and that you can use more than once . This type of codes work in a very simple way, you only have to go to the dialing screen of the phone and type the indicated sequence. Get on the time machine and travel with us the 12 USSD codes essential for your iPhone.

19 USSD codes for your iPhone

Consult specifications

Typing 3001 # 12345 # you will access a menu where you can see all the properties of your iPhone.

Consult IMEI

Show the IMEI of your iPhone, the number that identifies any device worldwide. Write it down, there is no need to press "Call" with this code, which is the * # 06 #

Hide number

If for some reason you need to call with a hidden number you have to type the sequences # 31 # before the number to dial.

Check the state of concealment

If you type * # 31 # and press the call button you will know if your iPhone has active identification or not .

Call Forwarding

The code * # 67 # verifies what number is being used for call forwarding on your iPhone when your line is busy.

Improve the quality of calls

The code * 3370 # provides better audio quality in your conversations, although at the cost of reducing the battery life , any good part has its negative consideration. To deactivate it, type # 3370 #

Check restrictions

Typing * # 33 # you can easily check if your iPhone has some kind of restriction, such as making international calls.

Deactivate call forwarding

With the sequence ## 002 # you will deactivate any call forwarding you have previously activated on your iPhone.

Know where you are being called from.

The sequence * # 76 # allows you to verify if this possibility is enabled or not. In the incoming call the city of the caller will be displayed. Sometimes it has minor faults, and it is only valid if the call is made from a landline .

See your message center

It allows you to verify the number of your SMS Message Center (SMSC). Basically, it is a network number to which all text messages are sent before being sent to their destination . A simple bullshit, but it is still curious. The one shown in the screenshot corresponds to Orange Spain, try to check the one of your operator.

Divert calls to voicemail

Although now we can use Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode, with the code that we show you you can divert calls to voicemail. Ideal if you need a break, to do this, dial ** 21 * 242 # and to deactivate it and receive all calls again ## 21 #

Call forwarding to another number

You can divert incoming calls to your other number or to the phone of someone you have on hand if, for example, you are going to run out of battery. Activate it by dialing ** 21 * destination number # and to deactivate this option mark the sequence ## 21 # or ## 002 #, as we said before.

And with these useful commands you will probably have found that a phone as modern and efficient as your iPhone supports codes that have been used for years . It is not that many people know them, much less use them, but it never hurts to know them.

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