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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

These 5 patents are the future of Apple

If you have an idea, paténtala. And that's how they think about the Californian company, since every week a multitude of new patents are registered, although many do not end up being carried out , but they come to signify the interest of the company to advance towards novel projects.

And is that everything we have in our hands, whether Apple or not, is the result of hours of work that began with a patent. We will reveal the keys of what can be the 5 key patents that Apple could develop in the near future and that would make it be at the forefront.

Ceramic body

If we look back, Apple has used multiple materials in their devices. From the polished aluminum of the original iPhone , to the plastic of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, through the glass of the latest models. Why not a ceramic body compatible with wireless charging? Well, it is among its futuribles .

Predictive search

A patent on a future version of iOS would be able to give you search results depending on where you are going to go, anticipating your movements , for this purpose I would analyze your habits in order to offer you the most appropriate results.

Cables that can get wet

Apple cables are not known precisely for their durability and resistance to breakage, although the development of one that would allow him to work in extreme conditions . Although at the moment, it seems that the Lightning connection has a reel for a while, because these new cables should have a different connector.

iPhone without notch

The notch, praised and criticized alike , although creator of a saga . There is a patent that indicates that it could be dispensed with, or at least reduced .

Design of the iPhone SE

We've talked a lot about the second generation of the successful 4-inch iPhone SE . It seems more than viable that its design will remain similar to the original , with a patent that protects its aesthetics. And it is that if there is something successful, perhaps the best thing is not to vary it much .

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