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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

These are the prices of everything that Apple has presented

Apple has just presented a lot of new things that, how could it be otherwise, we are very excited. For this, we have prepared a list with all the prices of the products that Cupertino has presented today.

If you want to know the cost of the objects that sooner or later you will end up buying , you should take a look at this article.

The new iPad almost Pro

Apple has presented today a new iPad that is more destined than ever to the student world. If you want your children to develop all their creative capacity , with this new iPad - which is also compatible with the Apple Pencil - they can do it without any kind of problem.

The cost of this new iPad is $ 299 for schools, while other users can buy it for $ 329.

  •     iPad (2018) Wi-Fi 32 GB: € 349
  •     iPad (2018) Wi-Fi 128 GB: € 439
  •     iPad (2018) Wi-Fi + Cell 32 GB: € 479
  •     iPad (2018) Wi-Fi + Cell 128 GB: € 569 

The Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a product that we already know on all its sides. Apple's smart pen came to revolutionize the way we interacted with our iPad, and now it is also compatible with the new device designed for the academic world.

However, the new Apple Pencil has seen its price discounted from 109 euros to 99 euros. In America this would be 89 dollars.

New and fun covers 

Among all that presented Apple also include a new and fun covers full of colors that will be compatible with the new iPad, as well as bring a built-in keyboard to use it as if it were a computer.

These compatible cases will have a price much lower than expected: 45 euros . We can also find it in night blue colors, (RED), charcoal gray, sand pink and white.

200 GB free on iCloud

This is one of the best news that Apple has given throughout the conference. It turns out that if you are a student of a school with an Apple ID, you will have 200 GB totally free for your device with iOS. Fabulous!

Logitech Crayon

Apple and Logitech have gone to work to create a crayon for the iPad. Yes, a crayon that has come to take the place of the Apple Pencil , although this product will have a more focus on children.

Its price will be a mere 49 dollars for the world market .

Although this is not all that those of Cupertino have presented today, they are the things that will end up taking away the euros from our pocket. The good thing is that this time the prices that Apple has put are not sky high , and will be quite accessible to a large number of users.

Do you plan to buy the new iPad? Leave us your answer in the comments! 

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