This Apple Watch strap detects heart disease -


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Thursday, 8 March 2018

This Apple Watch strap detects heart disease

In a society as advanced as ours, we often leave aside the issue of health a little, incredible as it may seem. However, we have at our disposal a multitude of elements that help us control certain parameters , and this one that we present comes in the form of a strap for the Apple Watch .

And is that we were already aware recently, that the Apple Watch is capable of even detecting diabetes with a fairly high accuracy. But although not all of us are prone to suffer from this disease, we can regularly monitor and monitor our heart rate , to avoid future scares.

And the KardiaBand, certified by the American FDA, is a bracelet capable of all this with a high precision range of more than 90 percent. And is that this band tells us if our heart has a regular and constant beat rhythm, or may be giving symptoms that something is not wrong and that maybe you need to perform an electrocardiogram.

We think of this type of belts for those people who exercise regularly, or those who, due to genetic predisposition, have higher than normal probabilities of having a cardiac episode. The bands, available in size for men and women , have a small sensor which collects the measurements by putting your thumb on it.


These straps are compatible with any model of Apple Watch, and its installation is quite simple. They are the perfect complement to an intelligent watch that in the words of Tim Cook, wants to " have an orientation towards health ", which is the big problem, whether due to poor diet or sedentary lifestyle, of modern societies.

The Apple Watch Series 3 was presented in the keynote of September 12, 2017, I have incorporated as a novelty the possibility of making calls without having to have an iPhone nearby .


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