This concept of iPad Pro X is the revolution that Apple needs -


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Friday, 23 March 2018

This concept of iPad Pro X is the revolution that Apple needs

After the latest moves by Apple, we remember that it has convened an educational event next Tuesday in Chicago, and has put WWDC date for June 4 , looks are set on future releases . There is a desire to know what is being prepared in the kitchens of Cupertino for this season.

And one of them would be the new iPad Pro, we would talk about the revision of a tablet that today is at the top. Its high performance makes it a tool for work or leisure without equal . But of course, are there changes in sight?

The designer Martin Hajek, known for shaping future devices, is very clear, and wanted to share what would be Apple's next tablet , an iPad Pro X. This last letter is not casual, as you can see.

Understand that Californians are going to surprise us with a concept that fuses the iPhone X and the current iPad Pro . To do this they reduce frames to the maximum, leaving them to the minimum expression. In addition to this, include a dual camera system similar to the most desired smartphone.

Of all is known the sharpness of the OLED screens , panels that Apple has released late in its flagship , but that however would have no place in this iPad. The reason is clear, it would raise the price of the device in such a way that it would be unfeasible for economic purposes .

Yes we would have notch, to facilitate the coupling of a TrueDepth system that would allow biometric identification , thus dispensing with start button and fingerprint sensor, as it happens in the iPhone X. And wireless charging? Would we meet her on this iPad? According to Hajek, we would not count on it, although as a novelty the current screen of the 10.5-inch model would rise until 11 .

Will we have confirmation of all this in less than 7 days? Probably not, the WWDC is estimated as the most likely date to know the details

Via | cultofmac 

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