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Sunday, 4 March 2018

This futuristic concept of iOS 12 is what we want for the iPhone

It seems a lie but the launch of iOS 12 is already around the corner. Therefore, today we wanted to share this futuristic concept of the next iOS update.

This concept of iOS 12 shows us some very interesting new features like the protection of applications with Face ID and Touch ID, a redesigned volume control, a guest mode and much more.

It is speculated that the company of the bitten apple will focus its efforts on offering a mobile operating system with higher performance , instead of presenting dozens and dozens of new features. Even so, we hope that the new version of Apple's software includes features like these.

New futuristic concept of iOS 12

Starting screen

This concept imagines how the iOS 12 home screen would be much cleaner by completely eliminating the names of the applications. Although we thought it would be better to include an option in Settings to enable or disable this function based on the needs of each user. Regarding the blocking screen, it shows us a new design with the preview of the weather information.

Protection of apps

One of the most requested functions by users is blocking applications with Face ID or Touch ID . Without a doubt, a great advantage for privacy.

Volume bar

We've talked many times about the iOS volume HUD being too intrusive . Well, this concept shows how you could redesign the volume control in a very elegant way.

Guest mode

Face ID is not compatible with more than one user, as in the case of Touch ID. But a new Guest Mode would solve this problem and improve the privacy of each user.

App Bar

This idea of ​​incorporating an App Bar where users can find their favorite applications with a simple touch gesture is great. Ideal for social network apps and instant messaging apps.

Split View

Another feature to highlight this concept is the implementation of the Split View functionality on the iPhone to use several applications at the same time.

Other features

Another of the most desired functions by users is the insertion of contact cards in both iMessage and FaceTime , and new buttons with options for the Camera app.

This concept of iOS 12 is simply spectacular ... but it has left us wanting more, if it has happened to you, we recommend you take a good look at these 7 features that we need in iOS 12 . What features do you expect from the next version of Apple's mobile operating system?

Via | 9to5mac 

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