This iOS 12 concept could revolutionize how you listen to music on your iPhone -


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Thursday, 8 March 2018

This iOS 12 concept could revolutionize how you listen to music on your iPhone

iOS 1 2 is still far from reaching our iPhone officially, but that does not matter for some designers to blow up their imagination showing some new features that could incorporate the new version of Apple's operating system. The last one that we have been able to see in the network of networks has to do with the music application, totally renewed and to which Cover Flow would return .

In the video that you can see in this article, we can see a new and colorful Music interface with several changes that any user can appreciate without too much difficulty. Among them would be the use of 3D Touch to adjust the volume , the ability to express in a simple way that we like a song and of course a Dark Mode that we miss so much, not only in this application but in many others.

In addition and as we said before we will also see the return of Cover Flow, which was the design of the horizontal interface of the Music application . This disappearance, to the sadness of many users, happened with the arrival of iOS 8.4 in 2015. Now it would be back with iOS 12 with a design with bright colors and with the cover of the album occupying the main position of the screen.

As we have already said, this design is not Apple's idea, it is the work of a designer . What we do not have very clear is whether from Cupertino take note of all these designs to then improve their own applications . Do not forget that in many cases, the improvements that are made on the applications are preceded by many requests from users.

A iOS 12, with total security, still missing many details to polish by Apple engineers, and perhaps one of them is the application Music, you never know maybe in a few months we could see completely changed and remodeled inspiring in the video that we have shown you today.

Do you like the design that you have given to the Music application and that maybe we can see in iOS 12? . 

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