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Sunday, 11 March 2018

This is all that TrueDepth technology will allow in the future

Who has an iPhone X knows that you have one of the most advanced cameras in the world . Not because of the type of optics or something like that, but it goes much further. Thanks to the developments that have been made with TrueDepth, soon make gestures like those we saw in his day in the movie 'Minority Report' will become a reality.

The developments made for the iPhone X camera that made possible both the Aimojis and the Face ID show that Apple plans to go further , and that a world of possibilities is within our reach.

For many of us, the Animoji have been little more than a technology to lean on to make jokes, scandalize our grandmother or see how a cartoon unicorn would be singing 'Get Lucky', but the truth is that for this possible, there is an incredible research and software work in the back room.

We must bear in mind that, really, our mobile is able to recognize our gestures and reproduce them on the screen . Logically, after this step, the next step would be to move towards software that is also capable of interpreting gestures.

Although the image of Apple's patent may seem outdated, the truth is that what is sought with this technology is more present than ever thanks to the Augmented Reality. We can not forget either that Apple premiered a whole section on the web just a few weeks ago.

Imagine for a moment a world where we do not have to use keyboards : a combination between Siri and Augmented Reality would be enough to control virtually any graphical interface, which would make us leave the keyboard for more technical tasks or work.

Through a sensor capable of detecting changes and movements in who is controlling it, Apple will be able, through software, to convert our gestures into commands for their devices.

Moreover, along with the Virtual Reality for which as we mentioned, Apple is making a strong bet lately, we could completely change our form of virtual entertainment. Imagine playing Skyrim without command , or a fighting game. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Of course we can not forget that today they are just patents of a project that began in 2009. No one knows when it will come to light, what we can assure is that all the arrows point to this direction , so We will see this technology sooner rather than later.

via | Patently Apple 

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