This is the before and after of an iPhone 6s with new battery -


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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

This is the before and after of an iPhone 6s with new battery

At the end of 2017 a great controversy was unleashed when it was discovered that Apple slowed the performance of its devices in favor of the protection of its battery. Some time ago that terminals suffer unexpected blackouts even having enough battery, so Apple introduced a code in your system to avoid it, a code that limits performance.

Fortunately, Apple rectified, the company of the bitten apple promised the introduction of a new function in iOS 11.3 to activate and deactivate the slowdown of the operating system.

In addition, on the other hand, Apple is offering big discounts in its battery replacement program with prices of only 29 euros . Without a doubt, a great initiative, since when replacing a battery great changes are achieved at the level of performance.

In this article we will share a video that compares the performance of an iPhone 6s before and after the replacement of your battery. It is worth seeing!

So rejuvenates an iPhone 6s after changing its battery

The video has been published by Bennet Sorbo, and it shows us an iPhone 6s before and after the replacement of its battery . According to this YouTuber, his device was purchased two years ago and its performance was failing considerably.

It is very interesting to see how in the video, which shows a single device and not two different ones, the performance of the operating system changes radically as if by magic. This is the result of the implementation of new hardware , as in this case the battery, in a smartphone.

According to Bennet Sorbo, he had to wait almost a month before he could replace the battery to his iPhone 6s. Something relatively normal if we consider the long waiting periods to change batteries in the Apple program.

In the video attached below, you can see how the user tries to run different applications and web pages in the operating system to demonstrate the great differences between an iPhone 6s with the old battery and one with a new battery.

Apple's iPhone 6s scored a total of 2,485 points in Geekbench's multi-core tests. After the replacement of the battery, the same device obtained a score of 4,412 . A huge difference.

The truth is that the video helps us a lot to compare the execution of applications . But we would have liked to see in action other elements of the operating system such as animations, transitions, text writing in iMessage, etc.

Via | 9to5mac 

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