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Monday, 12 March 2018

This is the future of wireless charging of all your Apple devices

For many users, the arrival of wireless charging to the iPhone officially will have been a revelation. The comfort that this system gives its users is incredible, and although it may seem rather stupid considering that we have to rely on a base, the truth is that it allows us to get rid of one of the big problems of Apple : its cables. Because, let's face it, Apple's cables are by far the worst on the market.

But the thing is not going to be "simply" to integrate it into their mobile devices, but the bet of Apple goes much further. It is about creating a world without wires, using its market share to promote the implementation of wireless charging systems in the market, as it seemed that it was going to happen in the beginning. The company's solution to the poor quality of its cables is a technology that makes us forget about them literally.

In the latest patent that Apple has published on its new cargo accessory, the AirPower carpet , it has been possible to find a series of descriptions that could indicate the possible inclusion of a similar technology in all kinds of devices. From vehicles, as it already happens in some cars, to clothes. As you read, in the future, your own clothes will be able to charge your phones. Imagine just pockets capable of charging your phone when you enter them.

Honestly, I begin to imagine a future in which we become walking batteries to charge all our devices. And that's not all, of course, since the patent also speaks of new cases that implant this wireless charging technology. Yes, I think it will be a problem if it begins to make its characteristic noise, a particular screech that usually goes unnoticed, but that may start to annoy if several things are loaded at once nearby.

And you, do you already use wireless charging with your iPhone?

Via | Patently Apple 

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