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Friday, 16 March 2018

This is the mysterious box needed to hack an iPhone X

The cases in which an iPhone has been unlocked through an external company in order to access it and collect data that would help in some investigations are sadly famous. The case of the San Bernardino sniper and his iPhone 5c was very well known, which led to disputes between the FBI and Apple, who refused to elaborate software that would help unlock the device.

And in Spain, the Civil Guard had to resort to an Israeli company that charged 2000 euros for unlocking the iPhone of the young Diana Quer, whose crime was resolved at the end of the year 2017. Her iPhone 6, found in an estuary by a mariscador , he could not provide much relevant information to help in the investigations.

How do you unlock an iPhone? iOS is a very secure system. This is achieved thanks to GrayKey, (Gray Box), GrayShift company . As you can see in the pictures, it is a square box with two Lightning connections .

The first thing to do, since you can work with two iPhones at the same time, is to connect them to the cables and wait about two minutes to install the software that owns the box . Once it has been installed, the unlocking process will begin, which can last a few hours if the code is four digits, or even days if we talk about a more elaborate code.

Once the code has been released by the box, the content of the device is downloaded . The most interesting of the subject, and so you can see in these photographs, is that you are ready to access even iOS 11.2.5, version 11.2.6 seems at the moment not to be accessible by the box.

This device, logically is designed for use by security bodies, existing two versions of the box. The first one costs 15,000 dollars and requires, in addition to internet connection , that it be positioned in a place and not be moved from there, since it would not work. Another version of the more sophisticated box would cost $ 30,000 and would not need an Internet connection or be fixed in any location , so it could be transported from one place to another.

The sale of this box seems to be restricted at present to the United States and always to the security forces, although there are rumors that it is being offered abroad. We do not even want to think what could happen if the box like this falls into the hands of some criminal organization .

Via | macrumors 

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