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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

This is what Apple gives you for your iPhone, too little?

Selling an iPhone in the second-hand market has always been one of the most repeated actions by the owners of Apple's mobile devices. And is that despite the passage of time its value decreases very little, and always get a good handful of euros that serve for example to change the iPhone less sacrificed .

If the second-hand market, which can be accessed by a huge amount of applications does not just convince you, you can always get hold of Apple itself. And is that the company based in Cupertino offers the ability to deliver your iPhone when buying another , and receive in return money that you can use in the new purchase. Today in this article we are going to show you what Apple gives you for your iPhone and also discuss whether it is little, much or enough.
This is what Apple gives you

If you are thinking of buying a new iPhone, maybe the iPhone X, a good option may be to sell your old iPhone and get lower the price of your new purchase. Accessing the official website of Apple we can take a look at what the guys of Tim Cook give us for our current device .

This money can be obtained by going to an Apple Store , where they will value the device and they will deliver the amount to you instantly, or through a gift card that you will receive by email, that yes after sending by mail the iPhone, something I do not know if it is absolutely recommended, no matter how hard we work with Apple.

Do not forget either that as it appears in the image are estimated values, so depending on the status of the iPhone and its operation these can go down considerably.
Is too little what Apple offers for an iPhone?

The answer to this question is the simplest , to little that we look for some information on the Internet, and is a resounding yes and capitalized. Of course I'm going to give you some argument so that you can judge yourself.

One of the most reputable companies in the world of mobile telephony is Phone House , which offers a mobile device purchase service through its website. If we look at the official website of Apple in the price of the iPhone 7 Plus we can see that we would receive 335 euros in the best of cases. Instead let us now look at the prices offered in the popular chain of telephone stores;

The difference is 85 euros, which is more than high considering that it is the same device and also Phone House money you can spend where and how you want as they do cash delivery. If you sell your iPhone in Apple you can only spend your money back at Apple.

If we look in some of the many second-hand applications that are available in the market, the difference becomes even more bulky, and can reach a price of 500 euros the iPhone 7 Plus. Of course, in this case already come into play third parties, shipments or deliveries in person, which can sometimes be a real headache for those who have to do.

If you are going to decide to sell your iPhone by this last method you can always take a look at our guide to sell a used iPhone .
Apple, you do not value your products only when buying them

Apple is a company that sells really expensive devices, but offering in return a huge quality and performance, of which few users are unhappy. The price for example of a new iPhone is high, but has very little to do with the price at which Apple itself then repurchases its devices. It is difficult to understand how a company can value its products, as well as new ones, and so little when it has been some time .

It would be less strange if we could not sell that iPhone elsewhere for more, but today the money Apple offers for a second-hand device is by far the lowest in the market, yes, as it is habitual by this method we will almost certainly have zero complications and problems.

Have you ever sold your iPhone through the official Apple channel? . If the answer is affirmative tell us your experience in the space reserved for the comments of this post or through any of the social networks in which we are present. 

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