This is Xiaomi: the same fight against you against Apple that presents a toilet -


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Monday, 12 March 2018

This is Xiaomi: the same fight against you against Apple that presents a toilet

The trajectory of Xiaomi has been as fast as successful and in a little less than a couple of years the Chinese have managed to gain a foothold in the Western market without advertising, simply with the always effective word of mouth of an evident reality: it is the brand with better value for money . We have seen it with their smartphones, whose high range costs less than half that of the respective proposals of Samsung, Huawei or Apple.

But Xiaomi is not satisfied with the world of the smartphone, but we can also find items of all kinds that could be expected within a technological firm such as computers, tablets, headphones, vacuum cleaners ... but also others as surprising as smart shoes, electric scooter and a toilet. Yes, you read correctly: Xiaomi does not have one, but two toilets in the market . The reason? Merely strategic: the Chinese firm diversifies its markets to continue adding profits.

Being from Xiaomi, it's not going to be an ordinary toilet, although in essence everyone is worth the same. This Smartmi Small Smart Toilet costs only $ 189 - it may seem like a lot if you do not know about it, but there's a whole world of luxurious WCs at unbelievable prices - and it has Wi-Fi and sensors that detect who you are and not another user who is making use of it .

So, this smart toilet can adapt to your tastes , providing heat with your heated cup and a jet of water to bidet just as you like, I mean, that you can choose temperature and water pressure. Being so comfortable, the normal thing is that you leverage more time than normal, so it also integrates a sound alarm when you have spent half an hour sitting. A marvel.

Via | Xiaomi Today 

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