This magical app lets you know if your WhatsApp contacts talk to each other -


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Friday, 30 March 2018

This magical app lets you know if your WhatsApp contacts talk to each other

During the last weeks the scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has led many users of Mark Zuckerberg's social network to seriously consider deleting the account following the #deleteFacebook movement . However, we can properly configure your privacy options to reduce the amount of information obtained from our profile, although it is not the first time - and I suspect it will not be the last - that Facebook is socially and legally admonished by This ugly practice .

However, in iOS we are not so bad , especially taking into account that Android users were tracked to the history of calls and SMS . In addition, you can always install the vitamin version of Facebook and get rid of ads, download their videos and many other advantages.

We can not forget that WhatsApp belongs to the huge Facebook emporium , so the threats to privacy and security are extensive to the popular messaging app. Without going any further, we have just discovered an app that allows you to turn the tables around and be the one with access to the data they collect to spy on your own WhatsApp contacts. His name is Chatwatch and is only available for iOS.

Chatwatch, the app to spy when your contacts speak and from what

This app makes use of a data that is available to everyone, such as when we are online or offline, which allows us to cross the data of your contacts and know when they are talking and if they are talking to each other . After all, if two of your friends are online at the same time during the same time in several hours, there is a good chance that they are chatting. He is even able to estimate when they go to bed and get up every day. Terrible

It is a most intriguing trick that demonstrates once again how anyone with the necessary knowledge can develop an app that takes advantage of the seemingly innocent data that Facebook puts within reach of anyone. We imagine that sooner or later WhatsApp will block Chatwatch, so if you want to try it, we recommend that you install it as soon as possible .

A point: Chatwatch is not free. As we can read in Lifehacker , for $ 1.99 you can spy on several contacts for a week, so choose carefully. According to its creators, this money will keep the app and finance an anti Donald Trump campaign. That you are a toxic gossip is not all bad, after all .

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