This trick allows you to add blank spaces on your iPhone's desktop -


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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

This trick allows you to add blank spaces on your iPhone's desktop

With iOS 11, Apple has achieved that the customization of our iPhone and iPad reach the maximum expression .  And it is already possible, among other things, to order the control center to our liking and according to our needs.  Although the desktop screen has been customizable from the beginning, allowing us to create folders and move apps, you've probably never seen an iPhone desktop with blank spaces.

 Yes, you have read well: blank space to separate apps icons from folders, groups, or let's go, whatever you want .  But how is it possible?  At the end of the day, when we delete an app, the rest moves occupying its space.

 The answer is simple: with invisible icons , come on, they have no content.  In this way, you can organize your folders and apps in columns, rows or whatever you want.  Of course, anyone who sees your iPhone will be left with their mouths open and will ask you what your secret is.

 Take note of this marvel that you can find on David Smith's website : the invisible icon for the iOS desktop .

How to achieve blank spaces on the desktop of your iPhone? 

 To make it possible you have to follow these steps:

1) Visit the website of David Smith from Safari with your iPhone or iPad . 

 2) Add it to the home screen , something you can do by clicking on the share icon.  Do not change anything that appears, that is, do not touch the title - by default it comes without a title -. 

 3) A black icon will appear on the desktop screen. 

 4) Repeat this procedure as many times as blank spaces - actually in black - you need. 

 As you see, your desktop screen will be filled with holes in black, something that will look ideal if you put a screen wallpaper also of this color , which by the way is optimal on the OLED screen of the iPhone X. 

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