Tuesday, 13 March 2018

This would be the iPhone X without notch: the 6 designs of Apple

How much we have talked in the last 6 months of the iconic notch of the iPhone X! And is that at a time when the market was clouded with infinite screens, Apple arrives and inserts a notch in the upper area of ​​the screen.

Yes, it may not be the first - an honor that Motorola Motofone F3 holds more than a decade ago, as Javier Lacort explains for Engadget - but it has been the one that has made it fashionable and the first to integrate a recognition reliable facial .

Half a year later it seems that any phone worth its salt - except for Samsung, Nokia or Sony - has to integrate a notch, even if it loses the real essence of its raison d'etre: integrate a set of powerful sensors and reduce the buttons to maximum. Thus, we see authentic sperm that combine notch, a lower bar with the three buttons typical of Android and a fingerprint reader in the back. What a horror, some have not understood anything .

And now there is a truly curious situation : this year the notch will proliferate in low, medium and high end terminals. Meanwhile Apple seems to plan to reduce the notch in the 2019 iPhones and eradicate it completely by 2020 .

An iPhone X with notch, but different

But the current design of the iPhone X obviously was not the first or the only one that Apple shuffled. In fact it is known that his initial plan was to integrate a fingerprint reader on the screen, something that today has only achieved the Vivo Apex. Apple did not do it as wanted, opted for the notch and the Face ID and the rest is the history of mobile technology .

Last Friday the Hong Kong patent office took out to La Luz 6 design patents of the iPhone X in which we can see its back with double vertical camera - in this it seems that Cupertino had it very clear - and a notch with certain variations, very small but we imagine that significant for the viability and usability of the terminal. As a curiosity, the iPhone X patent has as identifying numbers "1701799. 3M001 ", here are some of them:

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