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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Tim Cook demonstrates why you do not need a camera with iPhone X

That the reign of the iPhone X in the photographic aspect is something that is clear, at least until the Samsung Galaxy S9 goes on sale next March 16. Because the phone of the South Koreans comes with a camera capable of a lot .

Meanwhile, we know that the flagship of Apple has a dual lens system that applies, among other things, the famous bokeh effect , or vertical lighting with five different models of light and well applied to get great snapshots.

Well, the same CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has shared in his personal Twitter account some photographs taken in three cities of India , during the celebration of religious and festive events. These photographs have been made with an iPhone X and three Hindu photographers.

    Stunning photos that capture the colorful festival of Holi by @prashvish in Nandgaon, @amitmehraphoto in Vrindavan and @ashishjparmar in Bengaluru, India #ShotoniPhone #iPhoneX pic.twitter.com/ykSNJDGvAl
    - Tim Cook (@tim_cook) March 2, 2018

And in fact, these photographs are spectacular , although the color that these types of festivals exude lend themselves to it. These photos have power, both in the aspect of color and in the visual and the publication that has made them the CEO of the company, shows how far an iPhone X can get in the right hands and moments.

The double camera of the iPhone X is an evolution of a lens system that comes from the iPhone 7 Plus, launched in 2016, and that has had continuity in the 2017 models. Probably it is to stay, as many people have managed to finish to become fond of photography thanks to the ease with which you can get good snapshots.

    Sir, my rich friend @ Pritamprasad06 captured this in Bihar on his #iPhoneX . Please share this as well. 😂 pic.twitter.com/XneWrV8BzS
    - Lokesh 🇮🇳 (@lokeshmishra_) March 2, 2018

Via | iphonehacks 

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